Woodland Fairy Cake Smash | Iron Mountain Photographer

For over a year, I have been envisioning a woodland fairy set-up for a birthday shoot, culminating in a cake smash.  Miss Gloria made that dream come true for me!  Not only was she the perfect little fairy, she smashed the heck out of her cake.  I have never had a baby smash a cake so joyfully in the studio, and only Mimi rivals Gloria for all time epic smash for Pure Whimsy. :)  I love cake smash sessions and I am always so happy when the baby has a great time as well.

Before the mess of the cake smash, we always do some formal photos in either the same set up or a complimentary one.  For Gloria, she wanted to model her cute denim dress and the birthday dress that her big sister also wore for her first birthday.

Gloria 1 Gloria 2 Gloria 3 Gloria 4 Gloria 5 Gloria 6 Gloria 7 Gloria 8 Gloria 9Thank you for an awesome time, Miss Gloria!



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3 Responses to Woodland Fairy Cake Smash | Iron Mountain Photographer

  1. Brenda says:

    I love them all!!!!!!

  2. Bre says:

    beautiful work! Iron mountain is lucky to have you as a photographer!

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